Lucas Gallery began as a retail gallery in 1994 in Telluride Colorado. Ten years later we joined the World Wide Web with LucasGallery.Net and expanded our sales to a more national and international clientele. In 2008 we boldly committed ourselves to this new paradigm and closed our doors on the charming but antiquated way of doing business in a small resort town. We continue to provide our clients with outstanding service representing many of our favorite artists as well as introducing a new collection of artists that inspire and excite us.

Please browse our site for new works and feel free to inquire about commissioning a piece for a specific place in your home or office. We stand behind mountains of experience in finding you the best art for your budget. And all shipping is free.


If you are an artist and you think you might be interested in submitting

your work for review, we recommend you spend some time looking through this site to get a sense of the type of work we represent and the prices we set. Here is some other important information to keep in mind while deciding whether to submit your work: Lucas Gallery is a privately owned, internet gallery that shows the work of a wide array of artists. We are committed

to showing original, high quality fine art that our customers can enjoy

at affordable prices.

Lucas Gallery receives a 50% commission for all sold. Lucas Gallery specializes in paintings, sculpture and jewelry. We do not sell prints, photography, digital images, or video installations.


Artist Submissions

If you decide to submit your work, here is the procedure: Send us

an email with a statement about your art along with a Jpeg attachment of

2 of your best works attached and a link to your website, if you have one. Bear in mind, that while we recognize that photography can never capture the true essence of a piece of art, first impressions speak loudly and are hard to shake. So please be sure that you present your work in the best

possible light. (If we accept your work for representation at Lucas Gallery, you will need to provide a professional quality high-resolution image for each piece.) Please do not include more than 2 images per email. Work is assessed for its quality, originality, and potential to enhance the

collection represented by Lucas Gallery.

 Our artists vary widely in terms of their age, education and experience. Some have MFA degrees, others are self-taught. We represent artists who have national and international renown and are included in museum collections as well as artists that have never shown in a physical gallery. The review process takes 6 to 8 weeks. If your work is selected for further review, we will contact you to make arrangements to see the originals.  All of our works are on consignment from the artist. We have short-term, renewable, non-exclusive contracts with many of our artists. Though our contracts are not exclusive, we do request right-of-first-refusal from our artists, so that we can offer our clients what we believe to be the

artist's best work.