In my work I attempt to convey the anatomy of a feeling through form,
structure, and the glow of saturated color.
The human experience of being simultaneously tenacious and vulnerable is referred

  to through the use of silk, a material which is delicate yet possesses a tensile strength greater than steel. Tension is built, both physically and metaphorically, as two elements quite opposed in character meet to form the surfaces and contours of the work. By combining these translucent and reflective materials, I am able to solidify and

objectify ephemeral qualities of light.


My approach to structure reflects the progression and transformation seen in natural growth systems such as the chambered nautilus which leaves an ordered record of is its development, organic yet regular in design. The work captures the evanescent, while at

the same time offering glimpses of that which is emerging to take its place.

The pieces are constructed using a plywood base, cut and formed sheet metals (copper, brass and aluminum), and silk. The metal forms an understructure which supports a taughtly stretched layer of silk. Modulated color (in the form of underpainting or dyed silk) is sometimes used to enhance depth, structure and dimension. The additional step of oiling the fabric “skin” creates various degrees of translucence, allowing the outer layer to be visually penetrable - a watercolor rendered in three dimensions.
“The physical description reduces their ephemeral qualities unjustly, failing to
re-create the diaphanous veils of melting color, fusing from one space to the next.
A simultaneity of resilience and vulnerability is created through the metal
and membranes, like scars emerging from the interior of a cloud…
Painting and sculpture are too categorically limited for the emotional states
of being that Seid so elegantly conjures up. Smoke and shadow, dissipation
and loss, ineffable life forces at the core of these mysterious assemblages.”
                                                        -Gerry Craig, Sculpture Magazine July/August 2000
                                                          1991  MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI
                                1984  BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Public Art Commissions

  2005-06  Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Flowing Wells Community
Center courtyard floor design
2004  Oro Valley Arts Council, AZ, Five distinct projects for Northwest Medical Center
2003  Tucson-Pima Arts Council, El Presidio Neighborhood Association, wall design
2002  Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Udall Senior Center lobby sculptural installation
2001  Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Orange Grove Road noise walls design

Selected Exhibitions and Awards

2005  Solo Exhibition, “The Jacquard Series,” Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2004  Solo Exhibition, “Luminous Structures,” Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ
                      Juror, Arizona Student Sculpture Competition
         2003 Solo Exhibition, “Objects and Abstractions,” Marshall Arts Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2002  “Works on Paper,” Marshall Arts Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2001  Purchase Award, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ
                      SOFA International Expo, R. Duane Reed Gallery, Navy Pier,
Chicago IL
                "Figurative Metaphors," four person exhibition, Rochester Art Center MN
2000  Arizona State University Faculty Exhibition, Nelson Fine Arts Center, Tempe AZ
1999  SOFA International Expo, Sandy Carson Gallery, Park Avenue Armory NYC
                      Solo Exhibition, Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak MI
1998  SOFA International Expo, Sandy Carson Gallery, Navy Pier, Chicago IL
1997  "Illuminating," Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago IL
1996  Solo Exhibition, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago IL
1995   Artemisia Exchange Exhibition, The Living Arts Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
1994  Solo Exhibition, Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak MI
1993  "X-Sightings," Anderson Gallery, Buffalo NY
1992  Solo Exhibition, "Gathering Light," Daemen College, Amherst NY
1991  "Recuerdos," Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association, Birmingham MI
1990  "17 Alumnos," Universidad Ibero Americano, Mexico City, Mexico
1989/88  American Craft Council Juried Exhibitions: Baltimore, Maryland and
Springfield MA
1988  "The Art of Craft," Newport Art Museum, Newport RI
1987  American Craft Council Juried Exhibition, Baltimore MD
1986  First Prize, Jewish Community Center Holiday Exhibition, Providence RI

Reviews and Publications

2005  The Tucson Weekly, “She Objects” review by Margaret Regan

2001  The Chicago Tribune, "Carrie Seid's Magic," by Alan Artner, Chicago IL
                      The Arizona Daily Star, 'Biennial Has Its Standouts," by
Charlotte Lowe Bailey
                      2000  Sculpture Magazine, Review by Gerry Craig
                      The Detroit Free Press, "Sculpture Evolves on the Wall," by
Keri Guten Cohen
1997  The Chicago Tribune, Weekend section, October
1996  The Chicago Sun-Times, "Exhibit Conjures Emotion," by Margaret Hawkins
1989  The Providence Journal Bulletin, "Small Wonders"