Ron Patterson studied art at the Central Academy of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio under the distinguished painter of Western Art, Jackson Grey Story. In addition to being a talented painter, Patterson is a sought after commercial artist and illustrator.


Vibrant colors, dynamic composition and powerful expression are part of Patterson's success. When combined with his imagination and expert craftsmanship, the resulting paintings hold amazing depth and dimension which are at once intriguing and disarming to the viewer.


Patterson works predominately on a grand scale in his characteristic bold colorful manner with loose sweeping brushwork in acrylic on canvas. His subject matter centers on the joys in life, love, music and dance. His dazzling, brilliant colors express such joyfulness. Yet there is also a tone of temperance that flows through all his work, acknowledging that love is indeed blind. None of Patterson's figures have eyes … they are merely joyful shapes and movements loving life's pleasures without really seeing.


Patterson captures that joyful naivete of falling in love, adoration and worship of another, whether it's a woman, a man, or

a new dog.


He is generous with color, and a genius in depicting movement in his paintings … once can't help but be up-lifted to a better mood when taken into one of Ron Patterson's creations.