Michi's Japanese name means Beauty.


Through her art, this is what she has brought into the world. She is the essence of Japanese culture and education. She graduated from the demanding and honored Japan Women's University in Tokyo and true to the Japanese' passion for the intellect, has never stopped evolving and educating herself. Now, after three decades as an American native, Michi has unified the Eastern and Western influences upon herself and her art, and she is filling a new place in the art world. The beautiful and technically mature elements of craft in her paintings are as interesting and important as the form and content of each piece.

Her fanciful landscapes are inspired by the rolling hills near her Oklahoma home but they have passed through the filters of Michi's imagination to be re-created on paper. Her colors are always generous and vivid, but they are sometimes strong, and sometimes soft. There is a deep sense of peace that pervades her work, perhaps it is evoked by the harmonious balance of color and form in each composition. Michi's work is full of fun. It asks of one not to take it or oneself too seriously.

"When I was young, I thought of trying to convey a message through my work-what my life meant in art. But I don't do that anymore. I express my self through my paper, and I hope people enjoy my work."