Dennis Johnson is an abstract artist with a passion for color. His canvases dance with multi-layers of acrylic paint inviting a wide range of interpretations. His inspiration comes from the world of high technology; computer circuit boards and the minute complexities that are hidden from everyday view. He translates these behind the scene visions into high energy displays that are a joy to see.

New perspectives are the essence of his philosophy. Often times his work appears to be aerial views of landscape, housing estates or city blocks. Architectural details weave though his abstractions as do suggestions of human forms.

Recently, Johnson has been exploring the medium of monotypes which is a technique that was used frequently by Rembrandt.

A monotype or a monoprint is, as its name suggests, a "one of a kind" artwork. Johnson uses a variety of techniques with rollers, brushes and inks to make an image on a metal plate. This image is then transferred to paper by running the painted plate covered with rag paper through an etching press. The fact that each is handmade by Johnson and is a 'unique' means that the monotype is more highly valued than editioned prints.