Early in 2003 Jeff Clapp, a Maine artist and professional chef, had a idea.  He was moved by a

National Geographic documentary on the trash left on Mount Everest, Nepal by mountaineers.  He saw the

used oxygen cylinders not as trash but as a product he could put to a creative use.  Never one to let

a small thing like traveling around the world to try to find a pile of trash to buy stop him,

Jeff started a project that has become Bells from Everest.






A 1985 graduate of Johnson & Wales University and Trustee Award winner, Jeff has worked as

professional chef and ice sculptor in New England for the past twenty years.  Having had a lifetime enjoyment

of art, an exuberant and creative nature he developed an interest in wood turning.  In 1998 he was elected

President of the Maine Woods Turners Association and in 1990 Chairman of its Board of Directors.  His

woodturnings have been sold through galleries in Maine and New York with pieces purchased by

corporations in Japan and the United Kingdom.



  BELLS FROM EVEREST are displayed at:


Thomas Moser Gallery, Freeport, Maine & New York City

 Maine Gathering, Camden, Maine

 The Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Lucas Gallery, Telluride, Colorado